Updated 07:10 AM EDT, Sat, Apr 10, 2021

CES 2016: Biggest Tech Gadgets To Expect at the Show

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The biggest tech event of the year comes to Las Vegas next week, and due to the massive discussion on VR and drones for the past year, we're sure to see some new gadgets that will blow us all away.

Here are some of the following products and ideas that have been announced to appear at the CES 2016:

Future Cars

For the past couple of years, we've heard only whispers of the self-driving car that automakers are in development with. It's safe to say that this product will make a big splash in the CES, with manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford participating in the event. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have also been linked to the product.

Oculus Rift

The highly anticipated VR headset has been in development for what seemed to be decades, but the finished product will appear at the CES, and soon thereafter to store shelves. Facebook has already supported use of the product, which should prompt other services to follow in its release.

Smart Homes

Nearly everything we use can be operated or is in someway compatible with our smartphones. It's about time for homes to follow that trend. A number of competitors are said to arrive at the show, pitching their idea on how to digitalize homes of the modern age.

Health Monitors

With technology advancing are awareness of the world around us, we can expect it to also be used to help us become more in tune of with our overall health. A number of different devices will be present that will allow users to track their health in realtime.

Video Streaming Services

This service has become increasingly prevalent in changing the way viewers watch various media, however it is expected that one of the bigger services is bound to make a huge announcement concerning the way users are streaming.

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