Updated 09:16 AM EST, Fri, Jan 21, 2022

Charlie Hebdo Publishes Commemorative Issue in Anniversary of Deadly Attacks

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It has been a year since the French magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked in their Paris office, leaving 12 people dead, eight of which are affiliated with the magazine. However, despite the bloody shooting, terrorists were unable to shut it up.

The controversial publication, known for its satirical take on religious extremism, has made it a target of terrorists. As the anniversary of the attacks nears, the magazine has debuted a new cover to mark the date, reading: "One year later: The assassin still at large."

The latest caricature showed an image of a bearded God dressed in a robe and sandals, splattered with blood, with a gun slung over his back. He has a murderous look on his face and the Illuminati triangle over his head.

According to Entertainment Weekly, one million copies will be available in France on Wednesday, while The Guardian noted that tens of thousands of copies will be available overseas.

Also included in the special commemorative editions will be a collection of cartoons by five of the artists killed in the attacks, as well as several other contributors. The 32-page edition, according to Mashable, also declared that the publication is still alive.

Cartoonist Laurent Sourisseau, known by the name Riss, took over the management of the magazine after the attack. Narrowly escaping death and seriously wounded, he wrote an angry editorial for the issue in defense of secularism, denouncing "fanatics brutalized by the Koran."

He also said that the publication will remain alive because "never have we wanted so much to break the faces of those who dreamed of our deaths."

Barely a month before the attacks, Charlie Hebdo was close to shutting down, as sales dipped below 30,000. However, the attack sparked fresh horrors and gave new life to the weekly, with about 7.5 million people buying their first post-attack issue and 200,000 signing up for a subscription.

Charlie Hebdo is not alone in commemorating the deadly attacks, as France itself marks the anniversary with subdued ceremonies said to take place under heavy security to mark the killings.

The European nation has been on high alert since the Paris attacks in November that left 130 people dead, and soldiers will be out on the street protecting official buildings and religious sites in the wake of the anniversary.

There will be commemorative plaques at the sites, with soldiers protecting official buildings as well as religious sites for the ceremony.

A more public ceremony is also set to take place at the Place de la Republique on January 10, as the square in eastern Paris has become somewhat of an informal memorial to the attacks sustained by the country in the past year.

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