Updated 05:28 AM EST, Fri, Nov 27, 2020

Marco Rubio Denies Donald Trump as Cause of 'Radical Jihadists' 

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Recently, a video featured GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in an alleged terrorist recruiting video.

However, despite the waves it made in media, Senator Marco Rubio said that Trump is "not the cause of racial jihadists" and dismissed the video as insignificant.

In a report by NBC, Rubio told reporters, "Those radical jihadists do not exist because of Donald Trump or any other campaign, they were gonna be around no matter what because they have a radical ideology and they are pursuing it violently around the world."

He added, "Ultimately, he's not the cause of radical jihadists. The cause of radical jihadism is a radical view and extremist view of the world, and they need to be defeated. They're gonna continue to spread until they're confronted."

These comments came in response to reports of the terrorist group Al Shabaab using a clip of Trump in their recruiting video, something that many of the politicians have already warned could be an outcome of Trump's anti-Muslim campaign.

The clip of Trump, according to Yahoo!, was taken from his December 7 speech, and made after a radicalized couple in California killed 14 people.

For his part, Trump shrugged off the jihadist video, saying, "I have to say what I have to say."

His call for total ban of Muslims in the United States has drawn criticism around the globe, including from Rubio, who called his proplosal "offensive and outlandish," even saying that Trump suggested it merely to "recapture the limelight."

When asked about the terrorist recruitment video, Trump shrugged, saying, "I have to say what I have to say. And you know what I have to say? There's a problem. We have to find out what is the problem. And we have to solve that problem."

He also said that his stance against Muslims has drawn wide support, pointing out the case of the recent Paris attacks and citing the case of Brussels and many other nations that were "shutting down cities that had never had a problem before."

The video of Trump used to recruit more jihadist extremists is only proof of what democrat candidate Hillary Clinton has said last month about Trump being "ISIS's best recruiter." Although Shabaab is a different terrorist group than the Islamic State, her point still remained true about Trump's words being used to recruit more terrorists.

Still, Trump fails to see his comments as a problem, saying that ""Maybe it's not politically correct," but he did acknowledge that "there's a big problem out there."

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