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Philadelphia Mummers Parade 2016 Criticized As Some Participants Painted Faces Brown to Portray Mexicans

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The annual Philadelphia Mummers Parade is once again under fire after racist and homophobic acts interspersed the area's version of Mardi Gras. A group of participants painted their faces brown to depict Mexicans, on top of being accused of harassing gay people and ridiculing Caitlyn Jenner during the event.

According to NBC Philadelphia, participants from a brigade called Sammar Strutters pulled what they called the "Siesta Fiesta," where they, including children, wore ponchos and sombreros and painted their face brown. Some even dressed up as tacos.

Other Philadelphia Mummers Parade goers downright mocked the Black Lives Matter movement, which centers on the battle against police brutality and inequality, by holding up signs that say "Mummers Lives Matter" and "Wenches Lives Matter."

But what is deemed to be the most controversial showing for this year's celebration has to be Finnegan New Year's Brigade. A member of the group dressed as Jenner, who readers will remember won an Olympic gold medal as Bruce Jenner for the decathlon and later transitioned into a woman.

The man then sat on a wheelchair and changed into women's clothes with the Aerosmith song "Dude Looks Like a Lady" playing in the background. Some of the brigade members also held up signs, with a Wheaties box used to portray Bruce Jenner, while the group depicted Caitlyn with a Froot Loops box.

Another Finnegan NYB member was caught on video shouting expletives to condemn gay people. A gay man, who was just walking his dog, was allegedly assaulted as well. ABC News says reports that Finnegan NYB captain Michael Inemer Sr. does not feel the need to apologize about the Jenner showing because they were just embodying the true Philadelphia Mummers Parade theme.

He, however, was apologetic about the assaults. "I find myself, as do many, many members of Finnegan NYB, wholeheartedly apologizing for the abrasive, gross and disturbing action of one of our members who, unfortunately, took it upon himself to embarrass us all with his conduct and inexcusable and hurtful insults to the crowd at the end of the parade," Inemer wrote as quoted by ABC News.

Inemer assured that the videotaped Philadelphia Mummers Parade participant from their group is "no longer considered a Mummer" and has been "dealt with without any outside influence."

The City's director of LGBT Affairs Nellie Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, dismisses the actions as "unacceptable," adding that "there's no place for it in Philadelphia." Fitzpatrick promised that they will be working to prevent such "disgusting display of bias, hateful behavior" from happening in the future.

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