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'Harry Potter' Character Professor Snape Real-Life Counterpart Discovered?

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Harry Potter and the students of Hogwarts were not the only ones in a class instructed by Professor Snape. As it turns out, Severus Snape from JK Rowling's bestselling YA saga, had a real-life counterpart at the Aberystwyth's Old College in Wales.

According to Telegraph, a lecturer at the academe, named Dr Beth Rodgers, discovered, while she read "The Women's Penny Paper," that there was once a lecturer there named Henry Lloyd Snape, who was the chair of chemistry at the university in the year 1888.

The aforementioned publication revealed that Snape was passionate about science, but also loved "college dramatics" and literature. Rodgers learned that the late lecturer had more similarities with the "Harry Potter" character other than his name.

"At the thought of Henry Lloyd Snape's twin devotions to potions and dramatic poses, it's difficult not to conjure up an image of Alan Rickman marching through the halls of Hogwarts, cape billowing behind him," Rodgers wrote in an Irish Times article.

The fact that the Aberystwyth's Old College resembles Hogwarts in Rowling's books, also contributes to the comparison. Meanwhile, Rowling has already said that Severus Snape was inspired by her late Wyedean School chemistry professor, John Nettleship.

"While Aberystwyth's own Professor Snape may not have been the inspiration for his fictional namesake - Rowling might be wholly unaware of his existence - there are uncanny echoes and parallels between them," Rodgers went on to say.

She adds that the real-life Snape was also much like his counterpart in "Harry Potter," in the sense that they were both "fastidious" and "darkly charismatic." In the first half of the saga, the latter was portrayed the villain.

Certain events in the university, as stated in the 1928 book "The College by the Sea," which recounts stories from teachers and students in the institution, also pose a connection with the "Harry Potter" books. For example, the book revealed that Aberystwyth's Old College even had its own Moaning Myrtle and Hedwig.

But that is not all. Rodgers also discovered what could probably be the most striking parallel of the real-life Snape to the fictional one. She found a public lecture of the former titled "The Philosopher of Stone," which easily brings to mind the first "Harry Potter" book "The Philosopher's Stone."

Rodgers is ecstatic about her discovery, especially because she is a huge fan of Rowling's novels. "Harry Potter is a personal interest of mine so it was a very odd and serendipitous coincidence that I found this," she added.

Watch Severus Snape's essayer Alan Rickman talk about his iconic character below:

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