Updated 05:45 PM EDT, Tue, May 11, 2021

Jeb Bush Against Granting Cuban Migrants Free Entry into the U.S.

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Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is against the idea of allowing Cuban migrants in Costa Rica to have "free entry" to the United States.

Miami Herald said Bush made the statement during a campaign in Hialeah, a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, on Monday.

"The rule of law must be respected. I don't know their exact condition there, but they don't have -- they shouldn't have, and I don't think they do have -- free entry into this country. We have to have an immigration system based on the law, and if those laws don't work, to change the law," Bush explained.

Costa Rica earlier decided to deport the 56 Cuban migrants on its border, who were making their way to the US. This was considered to be a big issue in the said city, since there are many residents who are Cuban-Americans.

On the plans of the US to "step up deportations of immigrants" starting next year, Bush said that the issue calls for a lawful resolution.

"Congress must pass immigration reform. When I'm president that's exactly what I'm going to do. President Obama has had seven years to work with Congress. He hasn't done it. He wants to have this as part of a political plan to win votes," he added.

The presidential candidate was earlier criticized for calling children of illegal immigrants born in the United States as "anchor babies," a term which offended many.

Gawker noted that Bush clarified that the term "anchor babies" has more relation to Asians, and not Latinos, as earlier reported.

He explained that he was referring to "the specific case of fraud committed where, there's organized efforts." He noted that this has more relation to the people in Asia who come to the US, have children and take advantage of "birthright citizenship."

Bush also disagreed with the statements of fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump who expressed plans to deport illegal migrants in the country.

According to Fox News Latino, Bush said that calling to "build a big fence along the border" is not attainable, and is definitely not the solution to the problem of illegal immigration.

Citing his experience during the border visit, the politician added that Trump's suggestion of building a fence will not work, and that a deeper strategy is required.

Bush also said that Trump's principles do not come cheap, since it could cost millions of dollars, thus making it unrealistic.

CNN said Bush, instead, presented a plan to give undocumented workers with a legal status if they were able to meet requirements by the government, like paying taxes and fines and learning how to speak English.

"That is the dignified, American way. The practical way of solving the problem of 12 million immigrants," Bush explained.

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