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'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice' New Toys Revealing Movie's Possible Plot Twists?

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"Batman v. Superman: Dawn Justice" action figures may have revealed an unexpected twist to the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures film.

The highly anticipated film's release is almost right around the corner, and the storyline is pretty exciting from the looks of all the trailers and images officially released so far.

In fact, Screen Rant noted that every single bit of it appears to be focused more on the titular characters.

However, a blog from Idle Hands, showing images of newly rolled out "Dawn of Justice" merchandise shows the Dark Knight's archenemy in what appears to be a robotic suit.

In the post dated January 1, Idle Hands revealed that the new action figures from Mattel implies that the just-forming Justice League will face another foe, other than Doomsday, as shown in the trailer below.

The blog also pointed out that the new toy line is practically a spoiler of a plot twist in the flick.

"While it can be argued that some elements of a children's toy line are often exaggerated for the sake of fun (like Kryptonite Gauntlets and a Kryptonian Shield), I'm going to say there's a 75% chance we get to see this battle between Robo-Lex and both Superman and Batman...and that's a quality selling point!" the blog read.

Aside from Lex Luthor's robotic armor, promo art for the new toy line also revealed another key element in the Batman-Superman flick: the famous BatMobile.

Based on the art, blogger Idle Hands speculated that a bout between the first two Justice League members may also involve Batman's popular vehicle.

The blogger pushes on to speculate that the BatMobile may not fair very well in the battle, since the toy has a "breakaway panel" feature.

A gallery of images of the toys also shows a couple of outfits for the two superheroes, which Screen Rant believes have a very low chance of appearing in the movie, including a "Gauntlet Assault Batman," the Dark Knight suited in a gold armor matched with green gloves.

"That lends credence to the idea that the toy line is not necessarily true to the movie. After all, the more variations on Batman the toy manufacturer releases, the more toys they are able to sell," the outlet explained.

The film stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavil as Superman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jason Mamoa as Aquaman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

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