Updated 08:11 PM EST, Wed, Jan 20, 2021

Peru Invests $300M in Water & Sewage Projects for Poorest Lima Districts

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In an effort to provide safer potable water to three poorest districts in Lima, the government of Peru expressed its plan to invest $300 in water and sewerage projects.

BN Americas reported that the move is part of the effort of President Ollanta Humala "to increase investment in water and sewerage infrastructure" during his last year for his final term.

An estimated 500,000 residents in the three Lima districts of Villa María del Triunfo, San Juan de Miraflores and Villa El Salvador are expected to benefit the Esquema 300-Nueva Rinconada project, which aims to upgrade existing pipelines and build new reservoirs. This has project has also been delayed six years ago.

Now, the country's finance ministry has reportedly given the project the green light to finally proceed with its plan.

Discussing the details of the project, BN Americas said it plans to build 27 reservoirs and upgrade the 22 existing reservoirs and more than 260 kilometers of existing water pipelines.

The same report noted that the government will also install pumps and make more than 30,000 domestic connections.

"Sewerage investment will include 16.6km of new main pipelines, five pumps, 285.7km of secondary piping, the repair of another 147km, as well as the installation of 34,553 connections and repair of 17,576 existing ones," noted BN Americas.

World Bank report released earlier this year revealed that its board has also approved a $55 million financing to rehabilitate water and sewage networks in the Northern Lima.

"Improving the coverage and the quality of the sewage system and bringing running water to the most vulnerable population is the challenge we assumed previously; our commitment is to achieve good results in the coming years," said Servicio de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Lima (Sedapal) general manager Marco Vargas Medina.

The government has long been exerting efforts to provide all Peruvians with clean and safe water through projects like the Huachipa water treatment plant which services an estimated 400,000 residents in Lima.

But four years it was first opened, Peru Reports claimed that the plant now has "serious damage including holes and rust at the plant."

Inspectors reportedly revealed that the damages at the treatment facility were caused by torrential rains in the country during summer.

Sedapal, which supervises the facility, claimed that they have already requested for repairs to reinforce the structure while the El Nino phenomenon is expected this summer.

While repairs are done, officials of the water treatment plant assured residents that water supply will not be cut.

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