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Jonathan Safran Foer Releases New Book 'Here I Am' After 11 Years

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Fans of Jonathan Safran Foer would love to know that the author will finally be back with a brand new story to tell. Titled "Here I Am," the book will be published 11 years after his mega successful novel "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" was published.

The story follows a Jewish family in Washington. While the parents start to suffer the consequences of their collapsing marriage, their three sons get to endure the most impact of the situation. The tale is set in the governing premise that Middle East was just hit by an earthquake and Israel is under attack.

According to The Guardian, Foer derived the title of his new writing from the book of Genesis in the bible, which talks about how God encouraged Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a test of his faith. Abraham uttered the words "Here I am" as God looks for him and calls out his name.

Flavorwire believes that the novel will be a poignant account of a family and a nation's struggles, sacrifices and success. The site also thinks that readers can expect tragedies the protagonist meeting head on as well as all sorts of familial problems.

Gushing about Foer's much-awaited comeback in the literary world, acquiring editor Eric Chinski told the New York Times,"You wouldn't mistake any sentence of it for any other writer," reassuring that "Here I Am" is well worth the wait and that it has every bit of Foer's literary magic.

"It's got this high-wire inventiveness and intensity of imagination in it, and the sheer energy that we associate with Jonathan's writing, but it's a big step forward for him. It's got a kind of toughness; it's dirty, it's kind of funny, like Portnoy's Complaint, it exposes American Jewish life," he added.

"Here I Am," being Foer's first book in more than a decade, is very special and is one that Foer's fans have been waiting for since he published "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," which won praises from critics, became a bestseller and was adapted into an Oscar nominated film starring Tom Hanks.

 "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" follows the story of a nine year old boy named Oscar, who made it his mission to discover where the key left by his dad who died in the World Trade Center attacks, will lead him.

As for "Here I Am," Farrar, Straus and Giroux will publish it in September 2016.

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