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YA Books December 2015: Top 5 Fresh Titles to Check Out Now

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As the last week of December packs its bag shooting up to a whole new year, it will be dropping a few more young adult titles that booklovers should definitely not miss out as they read their way to 2016. Here are some of the YA books releasing this month that bookworms should grab as they read their way to 2016.

1. "Hear" by Robin Epstein

Self-titled high school vigilante Kassandra Black strips herself of graduating and getting into Columbia just two weeks before her graduation. As a result, she was sent to Henley University to assist her great uncle in a program called HEAR (Henley Engineering Anomalies Research).

However, the students here are less than anomalies and more gifted and she realizes that each one of them just like her, were recruited for something far greater.

2. "What's Broken Between Us" by Alexis Bass

This is the story of Amanda Tart, whose brother also known as the person responsible for the accident a year and a half ago that killed his best friend and paralyzed his girlfriend. For this, Amanda's brother was imprisoned and, after doing time, he feels no remorse about what happened.

The worst part is that Amanda's love for his brother takes over, until she gets closer with the paralyzed girl's brother Henry.

3. "This Raging Light" by Estelle Laure

Released just yesterday, this book is Laure's debut to the literary world. It follows "level-headed" 17-year-old Lucille, who falls in a "messy, inconvenient" love with her best friend's brother Digby Jones in the middle of a family crisis that sent her mom leaving, led to her dad losing his sanity and left her with their responsibility.

4. "Halcyon Dreamworlds" by Lee R. Baldwin

This novel is set "in the downward spiral of 2029 Amerika" where the ultra-rich elite are pitted against the masses in an online avatar universe called Halcyon Dreamworlds.  The story focuses on Logan, whose uncle died within the aforementioned virtual universe.

After being blackmailed by an elite mastermind who corrupted her avatar in the very same game, he is instructed to do as he tells him, only to realize his cyber addiction has eaten him whole and eventually sets out on a journey to save the world's future.

5. "Inherit the Stars" by Tessa Elwood

The galaxy is on the brink of destruction and only the three interplanetary blocs that make it up have the ability to save it. However, they also have what it takes to bring it closer to its doom.

The tale will be told in the eyes of Asa, the youngest in the House of Fane who decides to make a change and help out at least her family only to make things worse.

After posing as her sister during her marriage with Eagle from the House of Westlet in order to save her family's livelihood, she puts her real sister and everyone around her in grave danger. 

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