Updated 03:23 AM EST, Sun, Mar 07, 2021

Venezuela Elections: Opposition Want President Nicolas Maduro Out of Office Before His Term Ends in 2019

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Venezuela's opposition believes that the new legislature in the country should prioritise removing President Nicolas Maduro from his post before his term ends in 2019.

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who is currently serving jail time, noted that ousting Maduro should be one of the first things discussed when the legislature meets next month, an AFP report published by Yahoo Sports revealed.

"The first step we must take is to consolidate the opposition leadership's committment that Maduro must leave before 2019," Lopez was quoted by the same report as saying.

This strong message came after opposition candidates dominated the polls earlier this month, which ended the 14-year rule of the pro-government majority.

The Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), the main opposition bloc in the country, claimed 99 seats during the recent elections, as per TelesurTV. It added that this is enough to hold the majority of the parliament.

Opposition leaders are now hoping to make long-needed changes in the existing policies and programs of the government.

Aside from removing Madison from his post, opposition movement coordinator Manuel Rodriguez said in the TelesurTV report that they also aim to push for an amnesty for "political" prisoners.

And Lopez seems to be the first target of this amnesty, as Telegraph said that opposition leaders vowed to free him after the victory in the elections.

He was sentenced to a 14-year jail term at the Ramo Verde military prison last year for charges of inciting violence, which were believed to be driven by politics.

AFP noted that the violence which Lopez got involved in led to the death of 43 people. With his absence in opposition campaigns, his wife, Lilian Tintori, appears on his behalf.

"I always remember the words of Leopoldo, who said: 'The people will free me from these hand cuffs. Leopoldo, your people freed you," Tintori said in the Telegraph report.

It was also noted that the amnesties will be handed starting Jan. 5, when the assembly of the new legislature happens.

"They can also potentially remove some ministers, and even start seeking a recall vote to oust Mr Maduro, if they can obtain enough signatures," added Telegraph.

The opposition, as per TelesurTV, also plans to separate powers in the government to give back the right of the Venezuelans to have a say in the affairs of their country and to choose the leaders they want to take the country to a better state.

It was also highlighted that the programs of the opposition would center on human rights, equality and the rights of women, persons with disabilities and indigenous communities.

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