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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Recap: Fact vs Rumor [Spoilers]

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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is here to shed light on the hundreds of theories and rumors that surfaced since filming began.

Those who have yet to watch the movie should proceed to the nearest exit because spoilers are coming if you read on.

After a long and agonizing wait, the new "Star Wars" movie has finally arrived in theaters in the U.S., recording massive $238 million ticket sales during its opening weekend per Rentrak, as cited by the Wall Street Journal.

Aside from breaking records, however, Episode 7 also broke hearts, particularly after it debunked a couple of twists that fans would have loved to see in the film.

Screen Rant revealed a couple of these speculations, which included the death of Han Solo's hairy companion, Chewbacca.

Chewbacca's Fate

According to the outlet, fans though that the crossbow-wielding Wookie would die in the film because of footage that showed Daisy Ridley's Rey weeping over a body in the first trailer released on ESPN during Monday Night Football.

Then there was the leaked line from Princess Leia Organa, stating: "I don't know how he'll cope without him."

Unfortunately, it was Han Solo who dies, while Chewie is left with Rey to pilot the Millenium Falcon.

Luke Turns Dark

Another popular theory surrounds the mysterious lack of Luke Skywalker references in the film's promos.

According to the theory, Mark Hamill's famous character had finally surrendered and converted to the dark side of The Force, and that he was actually Kylo Ren.

While there was so much left unsaid in the film, the single shot showing Rey and Luke proves that Luke has still remained with the Light, and that the two have an intense connection.

Princess Leia Flashbacks

One more rumor that was debunked in the movie involved alleged flashbacks about Princess Leia Organa's past. This was fueled by Billie Lourd's posters where she looked so much like her real-life mother, Carrie Fisher, who just happened to play the original female protagonist of the saga.

The rumor states that "The Force Awakens" would finally shed light on the Princess-turned-Resistance-General's parentage.

Finn is a Jedi in Training

Many thought John Boyega's character, Finn, was going to be portrayed as a Jedi, or at least a Jedi in training.

This was fueled by images of the actor showing him wielding a blue lightsaber that appeared to be one from the Skywalker family.

Unfortunately, it was nowhere near the truth revealed in the movie. It was actually Rey who inherited the weapon and trains to be a Jedi.

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