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Travel Tips for a Hassle-Free Vacation in Cuba

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Travel to Cuba had been virtually impossible because of the stringent monitoring of borders due to the trade embargo that lasted for over 50 years.

But, after the U.S. government declared the reestablishment of ties with the country, many are asking if the task of actually getting to Cuba has become less of a challenge.

Skift contributor Dan Peltier says it has, under certain circumstances.

"Getting to Cuba still presents challenges and traveling around Cuba remains difficult without a tour guide. Although these problems will take many years to resolve, 2016 promises more advancements and it's still an excellent time to visit the island," he wrote.

Peltier further noted that some of the rules that make the country less accessible are gradually falling away, allowing for more tourists from all over the world to enter the majestic, but unexplored wonders of the country.

Despite this, CNN believes that the Caribbean country still has a long way to go in terms of hospitality, as the outlet listed a couple of things Americans should know before they embark on a trip to the Latin American territory.

American Exception

According to CNN, U.S. citizens can only travel to Cuba for 12 reasons, as stated under the regulations of the U.S. State Department.

These include visits to family members, involvement with humanitarian projects, journalism, professional research, religious activities and official business by U.S. government officials, as well as non-government organizations, foundations and educational institutes among others.

Advance Ticket Booking

Since trips to Cuba have been rare, tourists seem to consider it a "hot" destination, with bookings in commercial airlines filling up very quickly.

JetBlue is announcing a possible expansion of their charter service to the country, cited in Skift.

Advance Hotel Booking

Like airplane tickets, rooms in hotels in Cuba seem to be in low supply.

According to CNN, last minute hotel bookings in Havana are close to impossible, citing that renting a private room online may be the best bet if a visitor wishes to stay there overnight, particularly between December and March, which are the country's tourist peak seasons.

Aside from that, Fortune believes that another challenge to tourists when it comes to accommodation is finding a place which will not "crumble."

"Cuba does not have many high quality hotels, and they do not have enough good taxis and buses to supply the demand," Cuba's International Expeditions' destination manager April Springer told Fortune.

Bring Enough Cash

Unlike in the U.S., Cuba uses cash for almost every transaction because credit cards are not yet established as a major means of payment.

It is also important to note that tourists in Cuba use Convertible Pesos, or the so-called CUC, which is valued like a U.S. dollar.

CNN also believes that bringing euros or Canadian dollars are better than pocketing U.S. dollars to dodge high taxes.

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