Updated 05:42 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

How to Design the Watch Face On Your Own Android Wear With Apps

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Android watches are becoming a very popular accessory these days. The Android Wear smartwatches are quickly gaining favor among the tech savvy, after being initially dismissed as a bad idea.

Field Guide reports that smartwatch users can now add a bit of their own personality to their Android Wear watch faces. While there are a slew of professionally made watch faces to choose from, Android watch users build their own by using certain apps -- no coding experience needed.

Google wants to keep users in the know by teaming up with stylish brands like Fossil and Tag Heur. Gone are the days when all Android Wear users have is a plain old boring watch. Now Android Wear users can customize their watches in the designs of famed brands like Ted Baker, Mango and Vivienne Tam. The best part is that they are free to download, should users be interested in any of these designer brands. While these options are initially availble for Android users only, Google says that they will soon be available for the Android Wear app for iOS. 

1. Android Faces Generator

This is perhaps the most basic app to use in order to change the Android Wear watch face. Smartwatch users will find that this app is very user friendly and easy to use. The app lets Android users specify images for the dial, as well as the three hands. Users also have the option of adding a digital clock, sizing it and positioning it within the app. This is the simplest of all the apps and is recommended for beginners.

Users also have the option of customizing other people's designs. Android Wear users have the option of adding a sophisticated or casual feel to their watches, reports Engadget. 

2. Facer Watch Faces

This app costs $1.00 to download. Much like Android Wear Faces Creator, Android watch users have the option of choosing an existing template. Downloading watch faces is simple, and there seems to be no issues in choosing the pre-existing designs. While reviews have said that the applications are buggy, the selections are well worth the download fee of $1.00. 

3. Watch Maker Watch Face

This app is free to download. Much like the first two apps, Android Wear users can make their own designs, or choose from countless options that people have already made. Those who are on the more creative side, can also add their own touch to the pre-made designs.

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