Updated 03:01 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 20, 2021

'GTA: Liberty City Stories' Enhanced Version Available Now on Select Apple Devices

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Rockstar Games has rolled out an enhanced version of "GTA: Liberty City Stories" on select Apple devices.

The enhanced version was released on Thursday, Dec. 17, through iTunes for $7, with an Android edition set to come "soon," though no specific date has been announced, GameSpot reported. The "GTA" open world action-adventure game was initially released in 2005 for Sony's PSP.

Download "Liberty City Stories" from iTunes here. Watch the mobile trailer below.

In a statement, Rockstar said that "Liberty City Stories" for mobile devices will showcase noteworthy developments.

"With shorter, streamlined missions designed with mobile gameplay in mind, this definitive open-world adventure has been remastered for iOS with extensive graphic enhancements, rebalanced touch controls, cross platform saves, and native Retina screen support," the developer shared, as quoted in GameSpot's report.

Other "GTA" games that have rolled out in mobile devices are "GTA: San Andreas," "Grand Theft Auto III," "GTA: Vice City," and "GTA: Chinatown Wars," the news outlet added.

"Liberty City Stories," a spinoff of "GTA III," takes place in the same fictional approach on New York City, The Verge wrote. However, the spinoff comes with a new story and gameplay elements drawn from newer games in the franchise, which includes the capacity to change clothes and ride motorcycles.

As provided by GameSpot from Rockstar, listed below is a quick rundown of "Liberty City Stories" iOS features.

Supported Devices: iPhone 5 & 6 Series, iPod Touch 6th gen, iPad 4th gen, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad Mini 2/3/4, and iPad Pro.

  • New high resolution textures and character art
  • Real time lighting and shadows
  • 60 FPS gameplay on iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2 & iPad Pro
  • Enhanced draw distance
  • Rebalanced controls for touch-based gaming
  • Cross-platform cloud saves via the Rockstar Social Club
  • 3D Touch support for multiple control options
  • Custom soundtrack support*
  • Physical controller support
  • Native retina screen support including the iPad Pro

In order to listen to your custom playlist, create a playlist titled "GTALCS," launch the game, and then choose the radio station labeled "MIX TAPE," GameSpot noted.

More 'GTA' News

Rockstar recently released a big expansion for "GTA Online," introducing features like running your own criminal organizations and expensive new luxury yachts and weapons, according to a separate report from The Verge.

There are also new game modes such as an executive death match, where crime organizations clash, and extraction, where bodyguards must save their employer from a crashed jet before a rival team arrives, The Verge added. Other new modes allow players to rob convenience stores and attempt to steal vehicles that add up to a precise cash value.

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