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How to Visit Mexico on a Budget & Still Have Fun

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Mexico City offers surprisingly awesome new tourist attractions this holiday season without any unnecessary expense, via budget-friendly flight promos and accommodation.

PR News Wire listed some tips on how to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Mexican capital without breaking your savings accounts.

Air Fare

Among the most notable tip is in regards to the airfare, which is at an all-time low during this winter's off-peak season.

According to the outlet, plane tickets at this time are nearly halved, compared to the peak season prices, with the Aeromexico, United Airlines and JetBlue offering trips to Mexico City from areas in North America, with a tag price of merely $300.

Even more surprising is the flight fare for people coming from major airlines in the U.S., such as Dallas, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C., which only costs $200 per person.

Hotel and Accommodation

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, D.F and Las Alcobas, two of the city's most visited hotels, offers top-of-the line accommodation with cheap price tags.

Four Seasons Hotel offer a free, third night for guests who have booked their accommodations for two nights, up until March 31, 2016. The best part is the rooms are newly renovated.

Weekend rates for Four Seasons starts at $525 plus tax.

Meanwhile, Las Alcobas offers privacy like no other, with a 35-room residence converted into a tourist resting place for as low as $383 per night plus taxes, for their "Retreat Package."

This offer, which includes perks like a full Mexican breakfast every day during their stay, and two 60-minute massages, is only valid for bookings of at least three nights in their deluxe rooms.

Tourist Spots to Visit

Of course, the entire Mexican experience would not be complete without experiencing the sights, sounds and taste of the city.

The best tasting Mexican food is located in eight restaurants that were included in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants for 2015, including the Quintonil and the world-famous Pujol.

Other Mexican-style restaurants that are worth a try are Nicos, and its sister restaurant, Fonda Mayora.

Meanwhile, art lovers will probably find a haven in the streets of Mexico City's art hub, with young artists redefining art by their LABOR Gallery and House of Gaga. Alternatively, Kurimanzutto offers scene staples, while new furniture designs are available at the La Metropolitana.

All these are also featured in Mexico City's official website, which you can visit here.

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