Updated 02:34 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Galaxy S7 Rumors: Samsung Gets Exclusive Rights to Snapdragon 820 Until April 2016 [Details]

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It seems that Samsung has made a deal with Qualcomm, as the Korean company is the only one to use the next high-end chip Snapdragon 820 -- at least until April 2016.

In a report from China as quoted by GSM Arena, Samsung will have an exclusive on the Snapdragon 820, ensuring that for the first quarter, no other smartphone manufacturer can launch this SoC, although the rumors are yet to be confirmed.

However, as Tech Radar noted, Samsung is one of the smartphone manufacturers that are really pushing for the Snapdragon 820, particularly for their upcoming Galaxy S7 models.

Reports say that Samsung is ensuring that the next Snapdragon chipset will not have the same overheating problem as its predecessor, making sure that it stays cool.

However, the reports of overheating problems are said to be false. According to a spokesperson, "The rumors circulating in the media regarding Snapdragon 820 performance are false. The Snapdragon 820 improves on all IP blocks and is fabricated in the second generation of the 14nm process technology."

The spokesperson continued, "It is meeting all of our specifications, but more importantly, it is satisfying the thermal and performance specifications from our OEMs."

While Samsung and Qualcomm may have their own agreements regarding the sale of the Snapdragon 820, Slash Gear is doubtful about the exclusivity. While the outlet agrees that Qualcomm will need the Snapdragon 820 to succeed, and may be grateful for Samsung for helping ensure that, making the chip exclusive to one manufacturer could be suicide. After all, with three months being a long time as far as smartphones go, other manufacturers could look for alternatives -- after all, Qualcomm is not the only one who could give them SoCs.

Samsung, in its part, can certainly boost Qualcomm when it announces the Galaxy S7 around the time of the MWC 2016, but since it does not launch until March or April, Qualcomm may lose windows of opportunities from other smartphone manufacturers.

Again, these details have not been confirmed, however, there are other rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S7. For starters, Samsung's new flagship phone is expected to sport a pressure-sensitive screen similar to that of Apple's 3D touch. It is also said to have a retina scanner, a USB Type-C port, an upgraded camera, and possibly, the return of expandable storage, although GSM Arena thinks it will be limited to the non-curved model only.

Do you think it is a smart move for Qualcomm to sell exclusively to Samsung for three months?

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