Updated 03:10 PM EDT, Wed, Aug 04, 2021

Cuba & US Closer to Restoring Regular Schedules Commercial Flights Between the Two Nations

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Regular commercial flights from the United States and Cuba and vice versa, may soon be restored, as a deal between the countries may soon be reached.

BBC reported that an announcement on the agreement will soon be made, though it said that it is still unclear when the flights will start since negotiations with US airlines could last for months.

This move is believed to be an important step to the restoration of diplomatic relations between the former enemies which started last year.

In addition, BBC said that a State department spokesperson has claimed that the US and Cuba have made progress, but are still in the process of negotiations on the restoration of the flights.

This development reportedly came after a 50 percent surge was noted this year in the travel between the US and Cuba.

"Thousands of Americans are already visiting the island and hotels and hostels are booked for months," added BBC, but claimed that the travellers had difficulty billing charter flights or travelling through third-country channels.

New York Magazine detailed the hassle and extra cost for travellers just to travel between the two countries. It claimed that the round trip charter flight could cost around $500.

It also said that tickets are sold-out easily and could be fully booked for three to six months.

If the agreement is finally sealed, this could result in more than a dozen flights operating between the two countries.

According to an Associated Press report published by US News, this step will also strengthen economic ties between US and Cuba.

US officials hope that more than 12 flights will travel from the US to Cuba regularly, but it is still unclear if these will already replace the charter flights currently available for travellers.

But Washington Post explained that the deal will not mean that bookings can be immediately booked to travel to and from the US and Cuba.

However, it claimed that this would "set in motion the safety inspections and other procedures required by the Federal Aviation Administration when such an agreement is reached."

So, until things have been ironed out, travellers will have to continue booking charter flights and wait for the time when tickets can already be made available by airline operators.

This is indeed positive news for people who usually travel between the two countries, or for those intending to visit Cuba from the US or vice versa.

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