Updated 12:02 AM EDT, Wed, May 12, 2021

Oculus VR Adventure 'The Climb' To Feature 'Jaw-Dropping' Cliffs and Rock Faces

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A teaser of Crytek's mountaineering game "The Climb" revealed stunning views from the rock-climbing adventure, expected to be released next year.

Independent reported that the German video game company has showed footage and screenshots of the game which will enable players to "scale cliff and rock faces."

It added that players will experience cliff adventures, which they have never tried in real life. The trailer also showed how one can drop from a very tall mountain, which gave users a taste of what awaits a person's body with a fatal fall. Three difficulty levels will be featured in the game, Independent added.

"Players will be timed as they scale these cliff faces. But immersion is what Crytek is aiming for, so we're guessing that admiring the view won't be discouraged," the same report noted.

In a similar report, ExtremeTech noted that players can also navigate through mountain climbs utilizing a motion controller or a gamepad.

They can also aim at the ledges by simply looking at them, and then jump to solve the problem of not reaching a new area.

Crytek technical director Rok Erjavec told Polygon said that the idea of "The Climb" started when they wanted to bring "a large Crytek experience into VR."

He explained that Naughty Dog founder Jason Rubin picked a standout demo which had something to do with climbing.

The company said that the game was about trekking a mountain from a first-person point of view.

"The gameplay is deceptively simple: holding down the left or right triggers causes your in-game avatar to grab any viewable, in-distance ledge with their left or right hand," added Polygon.

Crytek production director David Bowman added in the same report that their team aims to provide gamers with the "most beautiful" VR experience there is. He explained that for them to be able to achieve such a goal, they should remain focused and "make it just the best climbing experience possible."

According to Independent, the technology for "The Climb" was shown in an earlier demo that also included dinosaurs. However, it was highlighted that those have already been removed from the game since it will be part of a separate game dubbed "Robinson: The Journey."

As per its release date, ArsTechnica noted that it could come out during the first quarter of next year. It added that it will be a much-anticipated game because of the climbing mechanics and the first-person experience it promises players.

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