Updated 03:50 AM EST, Thu, Nov 26, 2020

Peru Elections: Daughter of Ex-President Keiko Fujimori Favored to Win Presidency

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The daughter of former Peru president Alberto Fujimori is the favored presidential candidate to win the polls next year, a survey recently revealed.

Voice of America mentioned that an Ipsos poll showed that right-wing populist party Fuerza Popular leader Keiko Fujimori was chosen by around 33 percent of the people surveyed.

It added that the support percentage slightly fell compared to the previous one, but she still maintained the lead, followed by businessman Cesar Acuna with 13 percent and former president Alan Garcia with 8 percent.

Fujimori is the only rose among the thorns in the presidential elections, and she vowed that she will issue a new debt if it is needed to help the country.

With the elections happening in April next year, recent figures suggest that Fujimori will earn most of the votes and win the highest position in the country.

Earlier this year, the female candidate announced her second bid for the presidency and promised to lead an economic recovery for the country, as per Sydney Morning Herald.

"We have one of the smallest levels of debt in the world. When you have a moment of emergency ... you must take drastic and important steps," she was quoted by the same report as saying.

Running versus known personalities and experienced leaders in Peru, Fujimori expressed confidence that the country is looking for someone new, "someone who doesn't live off politics."

But in order to secure victory, she has to take 50 percent of the votes during the first round of the elections, or there will be a second round in June, as per Sydney Morning Herald.

To do this, the same report added that the female candidate should distance herself from the bad image of his father's leadership. The older Fujimori is serving time in prison for corruption and human rights abuses during his term as president in 1990 to 2000.

In a TelesurTV report, the presidential aspirant said that under her leadership, there is no place for the corruption that happened during her father's term.

"I am aware that corruption attacked Alberto Fujimori's regime, the same way it attacked others as well," said explained.

Fujimori said those incidents in the past were painful for Peru and highlighted that no form of corruption (big or small) will exist if she becomes president next year.

The 40-year-old candidate also highlighted in an Andina report that her party has no history of protecting its members when it comes to abuses.

She also expressed that she will run a government that will allow makers to make free choices on the issues of civil union and abortion, but said that she is for "matrimonial property regime" and pro life.

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