Updated 10:51 PM EDT, Sun, Jun 20, 2021

Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho Claims Team Betrayed Him in Defeat At Leicester

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When Chelsea bowed to a 2-1 loss to Leicester on Monday night, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said he felt betrayed by his own players.

BBC said this its the team's ninth defeat in 16 games and leaves it on the 16th post, which is just a point about the relegation zone.

"One of my best qualities is to read the game for my players and I feel like my work was betrayed. One possibility is that I did an amazing job last season and brought the players to a level that is not their level and now they can't maintain it," Mourinho said in the BBC report.

He also told Independent that he prepared four days for the match and researched their opponent for the team to be ready with their performance.

Mourinho shared that he identified four movements for his players to be able to score goals, but he questioned what happened with the execution.

"But in the situations I identify, we concede the first and second goal. The mistakes were there," he added.

In addition to the team's bad performance, midfielder Eden Hazard also seemed to have hurt his hip when he went up against Leicester forward Jamie Vardy.

Mourinho noted that he cannot identify why Hazard and some of his teammates had lost their form and confidence for the season.

''I don't know what is wrong. The only thing I know is that within 10 seconds he made the decision himself,'' he added.

But ESPN noted that Hazard could have suffered a serious injury during Monday night's game. The Chelsea player reportedly limped out of the King Power Stadium and was replaced by Pedro Rodriguez.

There is still no update on when Hazard will be back in the games.

With the recent loss and the injury of the team, Mourinho said in the ESPN report that Chelsea players should practice humility when they play against other teams to get great results in the games.

"They have to look to Sunderland and Watford and say: we are at the same level as you are. The players have to put their feet on their ground and be humble. We are where Sunderland are; we are below Watford by 10 points," he added, noting that this should be the attitude of the team when they play at Stamford Bridge for their next two games.

However, Telegraph noted that the poor performance of Chelsea also reflects the kind of leadership that Mourinho has. It noted that the manager should not complain if he gets sacked since "he deserves it."

The same report mentioned that the defending champions have declined in terms of their performance for the season.

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