Updated 10:22 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 20, 2021

Real Madrid vs Villarreal Recap: Coach Rafa Benitez Criticized His Players' Poor Performance During La Liga Game

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After the 1-0 loss to Villareal in La Liga last Sunday, Real Madrid coach Rafa Benitez expressed disappointment in his players' performance during the game.

The National said that Benitez found it hard to explain the loss of his team over the weekend, which caused them to trail Barcelona and Atletico Madrid by five points.

"It is difficult to explain because it is clear in the first-half we didn't play well and I expected the team we saw in the second-half, albeit we lacked precision," Benitez said.

He noted that the team should improve in their next games since they cannot afford any more lost opportunities.

"I insist this is a league in which all the teams will lose points. The important thing is to face the games like we did in the second-half, that will allow us to have more guarantees and win games," the Real Madrid coach added.

But Benitez did not forget to highlight that the team failed to execute their plan for the first plan of the game. "I think the reaction in the second-half is the route we have to follow. Unfortunately, today it has cost us three points."

Meanwhile, Villareal head coach Marcelinho told ESPN that they are happy with the team's win versus real.

"In the first half, we played very well. When we had the ball we threatened Real Madrid and there is no doubt that the goal gives you a greater confidence," added Marcelinho.

He noted that the second half was a struggle for them, but said that they were able to get through those tough points in the match.

According to Daily Mail, the Real Madrid coach has not yet proven himself since he returned to the team last June.

Perhaps, he has one more shot as his team will host Rayo Vallecano in La Liga next Sunday. Their last game for the year will be against Real Sociedad.

The team is challenged to do better as Marca claimed that Real Madrid has collected only 30 points from their 15 games this season, which is said to be the poorest figure for Benitez's group.

They reportedly have won nine games, and have had three draws -- at home to Málaga, at the Molinón versus Sporting Gijón, and at Calderón against Atlético. They were defeated in three games versus Barcelona, Sevilla and now Villarreal.

Marca said that the last time the team performed poorly like this was during the 2008-2009 season.

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