Updated 08:15 AM EST, Sun, Nov 29, 2020

Cuban Migrants get Support from Miami Organization

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Cuban migrants with no familial ties in the U.S. are getting the help they need from a Miami organization. According to the  Miami Herald, records reveal that close to 41,000 Cubans made the journey to the United States without any visas this year.

A report states that this is the largest recorded annual number of migrants who arrived in the country without visas. Out of these numbers, most of the Cubans made their way across the Mexican border or arrived on rafts and at international airports.

Many of these Cubans have no relatives and have no place to stay. This is where Foundation Exodus 94 steps in. The organization identifies themselves as a group in Miami that caters to the growing number of Cuban immigrants who have no family support or shelter.

Miami Herald also notes that while there is an apparent influx of Cuban migrants who arrived at the U.S.-Mexican border without visas, there is also an increase in the number of Cubans who have no relatives living in Miami, as well.

Alicia Garcia, who is the leader of Foundation Exodus 94, said that she and her organization assisted more than 500 Cuban migrants. Just this month, Garcia has helped 30 Cuban migrants who were without shelter.

The Cuban migration crisis has become a problem that many can no longer ignore. A report with CNN says that close to 5,000 Cuban migrants have found themselves stranded in Central America since November because Nicaragua and Guatemala, refuse to give them passage through their territory.

Many of these Cubans are determined to make their way to the United States, where they will start a new life as they do not intend to go back to Cuba. Both Nicaragua and Costa Rica are at each other's throats because of this. 

So far, Nicaragua has accused Costa Rica of causing "a serious crisis" and of "violating treaties, borders and rights." 

Costa Rica has denied these claims saying that their country's role is to protect the Cuban migrants and to insure their safe travel across the border. 

Garcia added that she and the rest of the organization are currently trying to set up permanent shelters for the displaced Cuban migrants. She also appealed to the Cuban community to donate cash and other essential items such as: bunk beds, bed sheets and towels.

People can choose to donate by contacting Alicia Garcia at 305-354-0982.

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