Updated 09:17 PM EDT, Tue, Sep 21, 2021

Cuban Migrant Crisis in Central America

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Belize turned down a plan on Tuesday that would have allowed thousands of Cuban migrants transit through the tiny Central American country and then north toward the United States.

According to a statement from the Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it states that after careful consideration the Cabinet is of the view that this is a regional issue.

"We are deeply disillusioned with Belize's decision. Without a doubt, this greatly complicates the situation," Manuel Gonzalez, Costa Rican Foreign Minister, said in a statement.

The migrants have been in limbo in Costa Rica since Nicaragua closed its borders late last month and refused them passage through their country. Guatemala followed suit last week shutting its border to the Cubans and leaving them stranded in Costa Rica. More than 5,000 Cubans are in Costa Rica with many more thousands arriving or en route daily.

The decision by Belize complicates Costa Rica's plan to fly the migrants there as they journey to the United States through Mexico. Mexico has said in recent days that its entry laws prohibit them from allowing the Cubans to enter.

Gonzalez, has been quoted as saying that they will continue their diplomatic efforts with the aim of helping the Cubans journey through Central America.

As many as 300 Cubans reach Costa Rica daily via Panama and the crisis will only continue to exacerbate.

The fear of the Cuban migrants is that the normalization of ties between the United States and Cuba will end the so-called "wet foot dry foot" policy or the Cuban Adjustment Act, which gives Cuban migrants to the United States preferential migratory treatment.

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