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March 2016 Apple Event to Feature Next-Gen iWatch & Introduce the iPhone 6c? [Rumors]

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It has become a known fact that whenever Apple announces an event, the whole world tends to listen. While the year is not yet over, there is already speculation regarding next year's Apple event.

When the iPhone 5c was released a few years ago, the "budget iPhone" was met with approval by many users, as they would be able to experience the feel of owning an iPhone without the hefty price tag. The iPhone 5c enjoyed relative success and also earned good reviews from many tech websites. 

There have been initial rumors that an iPhone 6c, or the next generation budget iPhone, will be introduced in September 2015, along with another new roster of iPhones. When the 6c was absent from the slew of new iPhones, it was assumed that the iPhone 6c was just a myth. Now those rumors of an iPhone 6c being released have resurfaced again. This time, it is speculated that the iPhone 6c will be announced in March 2016, along with a next generation iWatch.

In a report with Mac Rumors, rumours of the next-generation iWatch started leaking well before the first generation Apple Watch was even launched, as it is with many devices. There were many health-related features Apple was forced to out because of inconsistencies in performance.

Apple also experimented with sensors for measuring things such as skin conductivity, blood pressure, and the blood's oxygen. It is rumoured that some of these features will be making their way into the new device, once the technology has been developed.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, also said that Apple's efforts in the health sector would be conservative, as they did not want to start trouble with the FDA.

"We don't want to put the watch through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process," Cook said.

The much-anticipated iPhone 6c will also be revealed during the March 2016 event, as rumours are already anticipating an early 2016 release.

9 to 5 Mac reports that the iPhone 6c will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, the iPhone 5c. Unlike the iPhone 5c, the new iPhone 6c will sport an aluminum body and will also have a change in design.  The phone will come with updated features, much like Apple's flagship devices.

It's rumoured to sport an aluminum shell, a faster A9 processor, Touch ID, and Apple Pay support. The budget phone will also have a curved edge cover glass like the iPhone 6.

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