Updated 07:50 AM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

'Cortana' Now Available for Android & iOS Devices: Where to Buy, Features & Price

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Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana, has been made available for some iOS, Android, and Cyanogen OS devices.

ArsTechnica said that Microsoft announced the offering of the free personal assistant to the mentioned operating systems last May, with the Android beta coming out this past July, followed by the iOS version months later.

It also noted that the Cortana application looks the same on various platforms.

In a similar report, PC Mag said the Microsoft virtual assistant has the ability to set location-based reminders, track flights and packages, and also respond to phone calls you missed.

"You can write an SMS to reply to the caller on your PC, and through the power of Internet syncing, the SMS will get sent to the caller from your phone," noted ArsTechnica.

Cortana is believed to also come to OnePlus One, a Cyanogen-based phone, later this month.

"Given that Microsoft and Cyanogen are working together more closely these days, Microsoft said it 'created a more integrated experience' for the open-source OS," added PC Mag.

According to IGN, Cortana is expected to work well with Windows phones, since it is a Microsoft creation and has few advantages over Android and iOS releases.

The same report noted that the with a Windows phone, one can toggle settings and open applications, which can't be done on other platforms.

Aside from this, it also comes with the "Hey Cortana" voice activation feature that is not available for iOS devices, and can only be used by Android users if they have the Cortana application open.

On the other hand, ArsTechnica also said that there is no hands-free voice activation with the iOS application.

For users to properly download and run the Cortana application, they should have an iOS 8 or higher or Android 4.1.2.

Once downloaded, the Windows Blog said that the app can be used just like in a personal computer, "with the ability to look up information and give helpful suggestions."

It also indicated that the information you have on your PC will be synced to your mobile devices if ever you need them on the go.

"It's been a fascinating experience to learn how you think about a personal assistant that runs across multiple platforms," said Microsoft program manager Marcus Ash in Engadget report.

Ash revealed that Microsoft has been working on the Cortana app's availability to various platforms since March.

But Engadget noted that the virtual assistant is only available in the United States and China during the launch, but it is expected to be introduced to other countries in the coming months.

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