Updated 12:58 AM EDT, Sat, Sep 25, 2021

Venezuela Ready for Change: Democratic Unity Promises to Free Opposition Prisoners, Including Leopoldo Lopez

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After the Democratic Unity won by a landslide against the United Social Party in the national election on Sunday, the opposition wants to free its political prisoners, including their leader, Leopoldo Lopez. The winning party also promised to revive Venezuela's falling economy.

According to Telegraph, the former Venezuelan politician will probably be freed from jail this upcoming January, after the "Chavismo" revoked their hold of the National Assembly. The triumphant opposition authorities first eyed the 44-year-old politician after they successfully ended the 16-year dominance of the socialist party.

"The election showed that voters had an overwhelming desire for a change," John Kerry, the US secretary of state, said. Presidential aspirant, Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, called everyone to show their support for Venezuela for their new legislation rules, for it has been a tragic event to see the once wealthiest country in the world gradually fall as it had been wrongfully managed.

Voters started to get in line as early as 5 a.m. to cast their votes on Sunday. This was the first time that the governing rulers of Hugo Chavez, the late state leader, and his inheritor, the current president, Nicolas Maduro, were challenged, in the recent high-tensioned election.

Venezuela has been known as the world's biggest oil reservoir, but, unfortunately, all of it has gone to waste as it experienced massive corruption, extreme expansion and insufficient "basic infrastructure." It is sad to know that the streets are flooded with people asking for "basic" necessities, international traders have all left, and violence, such as killings and various brutalities, are the norm. In fact, Venezuela now ranks at number two in terms of the highest murder rate in the world.

 Yahoo added that in the afternoon on Sunday, opposition leaders were a little worried as the election's result were not yet disclosed. However, they were confident enough to know that they already secured the majority of the 167 National Assembly seats. As a matter of fact, they obtained the "crucial bar of two-thirds."

Everything was just not confirmed at that time yet, but they were sure they already had at least 112 seats that could kick out he present-day 53-year-old, head of state. Fortunately, Maduro promptly accepted his defeat that caused so much of the tension in the country.

As he delivered his speech for the nation on Monday, the violence due to the country's political conflicts, subsided. The opposition leaders promptly laid down their plans and set out their goals for the future.

Watch the video of Leopoldo Lopez from CNN Español.

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