Updated 12:41 PM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

The Real Victims of ISIS: Is the World Turning Its Back on all Muslims? Find Out the Truth

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Even with the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California in the US, a Muslim mantra, which claims that the real victims of these acts of violence are not those killed, but Islam followers, resounds in the western world.

The Blaze reported that this slogan is sung by people who believe that political correctness in the western world beats what is real.

"As such, it enables Islam to escape closer scrutiny and its followers to avoid accountability for the hatred it promotes," added the same report.

As an example of the said mantra, The Blaze said that Prince Alwaleed bin Talai gave New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, a taste of this mantra last 2011 when the former gave the mayor a check amounting to $10 million for the Twin Towers attack victims.

The prince, however, said that the attackers were justified by U.S. Middle East policies.

After this pronouncement, Giuliani returned the money saying the terrorist attack has no moral equivalent.

"There is no justification for it. The people who did it lost any right to ask for justification for it when they slaughtered 4,000 or 5,000 innocent people," the New York City mayor was quoted by The Blaze as saying.

The same report mentioned that Turkey President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, also echoed the mantra after the Paris attacks.

"New tragedies will be inevitable if the rising racism in Europe and other countries is not stopped. Racism, coupled with enmity against Islam, is the greatest disaster, the greatest threat," Erdogan said.

In a similar report, Dispatch said that a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that 51 percent of Americans still view Muslims in the US as the same as other foreign communities in the country, despite recent attacks allegedly involving them. However, the study also showed that 14.6 percent have expressed "fear" with their presence.

"How Americans should treat Muslims -- those living in the United States and those seeking to come to the country as refugees -- became a divisive topic after Islamic State claimed responsibility for killing 130 people in Paris," the same report added.

The online poll has revealed that a portion of the population has developed fear of Muslim groups and individuals living on US soil after the recent attacks.

Last month, Paris was rocked by bombings and shooting in various locations that lead to the deaths of more than a hundred people.

CNN said suicide bombers armed with AK-47s "attacked sites throughout the French capital and at the stadium." Islamic State rebels, later on, claimed responsibility for the bloody attacks in the French capital.

Last week, 14 people were massacred in southern California by alleged "supporters" of the same terrorist group.

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