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Brazil News: What Change Will Dilma Rousseff's Impeachment Bring?

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Brazilians are now calling for the impeachment of unpopular president, Dilma Rousseff. The Brazilian president has been embroiled in a political scandal that has put her political career under threat.

According to a report with The Huffington Post, December 2, 2015 will live as a date of infamy for many Brazilians, who have seen the date as a day of achievement. The country has been involved in a political scandal that has seen powerful men such as BTG Pactual CEO, Andre Esteves, jailed.

Rousseff has tried to keep political favor alive by trying to cut back on government spending. The Brazilian president has also tried to attract foreign investors into the country, but the nation's recent political scandal has chased many investors out of the country. Even some Brazilians have grown pessimistic about the nation's already unstable economy. 

"Operation Carwash" has forced the Workers' Party's ulterior motives to come into the open. Many Brazilians have thought the Workers' Party to be founded on corruption. There was a huge scheme to plunder public funds. Many Brazilians have concluded that corruption is the country's biggest threat. Many believe that this is the very reason why Brazil's economy has taken a turn for the worst.

Earlier on, Dilma Rousseff's political campaigns seemed to have mocked the citizens who were concerned about the country's economy. Rousseff has also manipulated prices of essential items such as gasoline, and has also spread rumors to the lower classes about making cuts on social programs.

Rousseff has denied any involvement in the Petrobras Scandal, which has already seen many power politicians, such as Delcidio do Amaral arrested. Amaral is the ruling figure in the Workers' Party. He has been seen as a smooth negotiator with the country's opposition, as Rousseff this year tried to cover up Brazil's public accounts in order to regain the trust of investors, reports Business Insider.

Many Brazilians see the recent turn of events as a national agenda. It has already united Brazilians from 26 states, and the Federal District. The country is currently facing the worst economy it has had in over 80 years. Many Brazilians have been closing their wallets, and have remained conservative about spending.

Dilma's impeachment will spell a season of change for Brazil. It will tell if Brazilians can still trust their institutions, and if the republic does listen to its masses. The turn of events could determine the future of Brazil as a whole, and what steps should be taken to rebuild the nation's economy.

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