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Final Fantasy VII Remake to Feature Real-Time Element? [Gameplay, Trailer & Release Date]

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"Final Fantasy" fans can hardly wait for the upcoming PSX remake, and it looks like they won't be disappointed.

Right off the bat, producer, Yoshinori Kitase, said that the upcoming game is not "completely action-based," but it will have "more of that element and real-time than the previous game."

PlayStation Lifestyle pointed out that unlike most RPG Games, "Final Fantasy" holds a certain perk for players as they have the ability to choose weapons, capabilities, and magic to maintain their strategy, so even though the new game has more of a real-time element to it, it will maintain its strategy-building element as well, in a balance that enhances the gaming experience.

As it is with remakes, fans can't help but wonder what the differences are between the original and the new versions. Classicalite already put up a list to check out:

  1. The old version is turn-based gaming (each player and their opponents take turns to attack), while the newer version shows a more streamlined, modern version of virtual fighting.
  2. The older version is awesome on its own, but definitely pixelated. The new graphics look more realistic (think "Advent Children" movie here), which makes for a better gaming experience. Kitase shared, "The way we harnessed the power of the PlayStation 4 was to maintain the graphic quality of characters like Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith in the movie called Advent Children in our game, and this was the starting point He addded, "what we're aiming for with the Final Fantasy VII Remake is to have the same quality of these characters in real-time while playing the game, and this is only achievable with PlayStation 4."
  3. Finally, there will be some minor story changes that had the fans up in arms. Many are excited about the game, which they expect to embody the spirit of the original version, but without having to go through with the same gameplay.

Oh, and before you plan on going on a "Final Fantasy Remake" marathon to finish the game as fast as you can, Kotaku noted that in a press release, the new version of the game will be episodic. The statement as printed on the site read, "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will be told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience."

Kotaku said that it sent a query to Square Enix but there have been no response yet, although the statement, albeit vague, does not leave too much room for interpretation.

What do you think of the updated version of "Final Fantasy"?

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