Updated 03:31 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S7 Built with Internal Heat Pipe To Solve Overheating Issues [Release Date, Price, Specs & Features]

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Samsung has made a lot of progress regarding their phones over the years, but one constant problem that it seems to face is the overheating of its devices.

Luckily, it seems that the company is set on fixing that. According to Phone Arena, Samsung is thinking of adding a heat pipe to their next flagship: the S7. This addition comes with rumors that the company is experimenting with various heat pipe types and shapes as the manufacturer is trying to decide how to best address the heat-dissipation solution by the end of the year.

Despite their discussions, Samsung won't be the first to use a heat pipe to address their overheating issues -- Sony Xperia Premium, Xiaomi Mi Nope Pro, and OnePlus 2 have all integrated the same sort of technology to minimize their Snapdrgon 810 chipset as well.

The problem actually lies with Qualcomm, as their chipset has been plagued by overheating issues despite their repeated denial. However, they will be unveiling the specifications of their upcoming Snapdragon 820 chipset soon, and hopefully, this one's going to be better than the last.

If the problem does continue, Techno Buffalo indicated that the Galaxy S7 may offer their own Exynos 8890 chip to keep their phones safe.

The outlet agreed that adding a heat pipe may be the best course of action, whether or not the new phones are prone to overheating. This is to keep safe in the off-chance that it does get hot -- at least the processor won't have to slow down and keep up its performance.

Heating is not the only problem for the Galaxy S7. Forbes reported that Samsung is planning on making only minimal changes to the phone's design, making it the most controversial aspect for the upcoming model so far.

They cited Korea Times to have said, "As the S6 and S6 Edge represented progress, the S7 will have improvements both in picture quality, performance and other some new features. But because smartphones have already been commoditized, you don't need to spend more on a surface overhaul."

The newspaper added, "The key point is can consumers enjoy content with enhanced viewing quality and boosted processing speed."

Finally, there's the lack of a microSD card slot. Forbes noted that after pulling out the possibility of extending your phone's memory, it just wasn't the same, and hopes of reintroducing the microSD card just seems to be a bit feeble nowadays.

Overall, the outlet noted that while Samsung's faring well in the smartphone industry, the S7, with its fast and bright specs, just seems to be a bit impractical for the Galaxy line.

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