Updated 06:18 PM EDT, Mon, Sep 20, 2021

Syria Air Strike: Britain Joins War Against Islamic State, World War 3 Now Imminent?

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Britain is the latest nation to go against the Islamic State in Syria.

However. Russian President, Vladimir Putin's, issuance of a bitter denunciation against Turkey for the strikedown of a Russian plane demonstrates just how limited international solidarity is.

He said in his annual state of the nation speech, "If anyone thinks that having committed this awful war crime, the murder of our people, that they are going to get away with some measures concerning their tomatoes or some limits on construction and other sectors, they are sorely mistaken."

Nevertheless, this decision by Britain can impact them politically, as it will show the reemergence of the country as a vital US ally once again. They are only the latest in the world's powers who are now flying their own combat missions to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

John Bew, from the War Studies Department at King's College London, explained, "the question is a fundamental one, and that's whether Britain is willing to stand with its allies. For Britain, this is a tentative step back on the world scene."

Reuters reported that Britain will send eight more warplanes to Cyprus to join missions against Syria. Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, said, "There are plenty more of these targets throughout eastern, northern Syria which we hope to be striking in the next few days and weeks."

However, it has been noted that Britain's contribution to the war against the Islamic State forms only a tiny part of the US-led coalition, which has been bombing the terrorist group's camps in Iraq and Syria for over a year now, with hundreds of aircraft at their back. However, as The Washington Post pointed out, despite the small number of militia Britain has contributed, their precision-guided Brimstone missiles are considered an asset for the coalition in this ongoing war.

President Barack Obama, however, welcomed the parliament's vote to participate in the war, saying that the United States looks forward to having the British forces flying with the coalition. Obama said in a statement, "We ... will work to integrate them into our coalition air tasking orders as quickly as possible."

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, also expressed his gratitude for Cameron and the British parliament for their contribution, adding that he expects other NATO partners to participate in the war soon and step up their contributions to the military campaign against the Islamic State in Syria.

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