Updated 11:24 AM EST, Thu, Feb 25, 2021

Venezuela Jittery Ahead of Election this Weekend

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Latin American leaders are eyeing worryingly as Venezuelans go to the polls this weekend. Their trepidation stems from the fact that some think that the parliamentary election vote may ignite a powder keg in the country instead of mollifying it.

It is widely believed, from a prominent pollster Datanalisis, that this Sunday's vote will give the opposition its best chances of winning a majority in the Assembly.

Venezuela law prohibits the publishing of opinion polls in the week preceding the election.

Maduro's numbers are down due to a shortage of basic goods such as milk, flour and rice. Medicines are also lacking in the country. And the fact that the opposition stands united with no infighting since Maudro's narrow win in 2014. The jailing of opposition leaders such as Leopoldo Lopez and Daniel Ceballos and the killing of Luis Diaz, just days before the vote has put the country in a jittery atmosphere.

However, "Chavismo" still remains a force in the country. With the ruling Socialist distributing resources in key areas, reviving the memory of former President Hugo Chavez and raising up the rhetoric against the opposition.

According to Datanalisis' head Luis-Vicente Leon the main question is not whether "Chavismo" or the opposition will win the election but how much of a majority the opposition will garner.

Another worry is the lack of observers for this election. The Carter Center shut down its Caracas office in August and the Maduro has rejected the American of Organization States' offer to be present in the during the election. Madura has accepted the Union of South American Nations head, a longtime Chavez friend Leonel Fernandez and former president of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernandez as a delegate.

Because of few international observers and many polls forecasting a Maduro loss, an opposition loss may cry out as fraud.


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