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iPhone 7 Release Date & Price: Apple Preparing 5 Different Models? Specs, Features & What We Know So Far [Rumor Review]

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The iPhone continues to be one of the most highly anticipated gadgets. Each year, Apple brings exciting innovations to their new line of iPhones. Next year's iPhone 7 should be no exception.

While the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are relatively new in the smartphone market, having only been unveiled in September, there are already rumors surrounding Apple's upcoming iPhone, the iPhone 7. There are already speculations as early as now regarding the iPhone 7's features, specs, and even the release date. Here are some of the rumors regarding the iPhone 7 so far:

1. The iPhone is testing 5 different models.

Back in the day, new iPhones would usually come in two different models, or even a third one, which is usually considered to be the "cheaper model." One such example was the iPhone 5c, a cheaper variant of the iPhone model which came with a plastic back case instead of an aluminum one. Rumors are already circulating that the iPhone 7 is currently testing 5 different models, each with a different prototype and hardware. It would be interesting to see if iPhone will also be releasing a "cheaper iPhone 7," much like the iPhone 5c.

2. The iPhone 7 Release Date is Set for Sept. 2016

In a report with BGR, Apple will most likely stick to its tried and tested formula of releasing their new iPhones in September. While there is no indication if there will be an earlier release date for the new iPhone, September seems to be the purported date of release.

3. The iPhone 7 will support wireless charging.

While the wireless charging concept was initially thought to be impossible, this feature will reportedly be seen in the iPhone 7. Mac World UK says that besides an improved battery life, this will also be one of the iPhone 7's most innovative features.

4. Touch ID within the display

There have been earlier rumors that the iPhone 7 will not have a home button. Tech analysts say that this would allow for bigger screen displays. Because of this, the Touch ID feature will be incorporated on the screens.

5. AMOLED displays.

While Apple has long been using LCD screens for its devices, the iPhone 7 may see OLED screens. This would account for more gorgeous and sharper images on the display screen. Analysts also think that Apple's shift to OLED screens would pose a serious threat to rivals such as Samsung.

As of now, Apple has not given any offical announcements on the iPhone 7 specs, release date or features. Treat all rumors withe a grain of salt.

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