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iPad Pro vs iPad Air 3: How Does the iPad Air 3 Measure Against the ‘Laptop Killer’?

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Since its announcement in September, the iPad Pro has been deemed as the 'laptop killer,' with its 12.9-inch display and highest resolution retina display of any iOS device. Already a favourite for graphic artists and business moguls on the go, how will the rumoured iPad Air 3 measure up against the mega iPad?

Apple fans expected the iPad Air 3 to be joining the slew of new Apple products announced back in September. However, with the iPad Air 3 being noticeably absent, it was assumed that the follow up to the iPad Air 2 was scrapped. Rumours have recently surfaced that the iPad Air 3 might be released early next year. Both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air 3 are among Apple's most powerful tablets. How do the two iPads measure up against each other?

iPad Air 3 vs. iPad Pro: Processing Power

The iPad Air 3 is rumoured to be faster and more powerful than its predecessor, the iPad Air 2. The Apple iPad Air 3 is rumoured to be running on the latest A9X chip, while the iPad Air 2 is running on an A8X chip. This makes for seamless performance expected of Apple's latest tablet. In a report with Yahoo, the iPad Pro also runs on the A9X chip giving it "desktop performance." Apple's second 64-bit chip would guarantee double the memory, as well as double the storage performance. Apple claims that the iPad Pro should be 90 percent faster than 90 percent of portable PCs when it comes to graphically intensive tasks.

iPad Air 3 vs. iPad Pro: Price

The iPad Air 3 is rumoured to come at a slightly heavier price tag than the iPad Mini 4. When it is released, the iPad Air 3 will most likely come with the same price tag as its predecessor, the iPad Air 2 at $499. The iPad Pro, being the high end tablet that it is, comes at a hefty price tag, starting at $799. Apple users also have the option of buying the physical keyboard which costs $ 169, while the Apple Pencil sells for $99, reports Tech Times.

Which one of the two tablets is the better buy? Given that the iPad Air 3 is still a rumoured entry, it would be tough to say which of the two will win in the iPad wars. One iPad is good for graphic artists or business savvy people on the go, while the other iPad is mostly recommended for those who love the feel of a good sized iPad.

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