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'Fallout 4' Guide: How to Earn More Trophies & Make More Caps

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"Fallout 4" gamers will surely want to step up their game in this recently released game from Bethesda Game Studios.

Here is a guide on how one can earn more trophies and make more caps.

PlayStationLifestyle noted that 51 trophies await gamers in the action role-playing video game. It advised players to keep on saving their game when they are hunting for trophies.

"If you hack a computer, pick a lock, discover a location or kill enemies, save your game. There are no checkpoints, if you die, you're restarted from your most recent save file. So, dying after racking up numbers toward trophies could result in having to start over and redo what you've already done," explained the same report.

It also added that there will certainly be trophies which will be missed in the game but claimed that such a situation can be avoided once a player makes multiple save files.

Gamers should join the four existing factions to complete their missions and earn trophies. To create multiple save files, PlayStationLifestyle said that gamers should "create a separate save file before progressing past the point of no return during faction quests."

When the games have already been saved, they can already finish the game and reload the save files later.

"This way, you'll earn all story related Trophies without having to restart and play the entire game over. In total, you're going to need two separate save files in order to earn all of the trophies for all four factions," added the same report.

Meanwhile, for the caps you need in the game, Attack of the Fanboy said these could easily be made without using a cheat.

It said that one should know how Workshop functions since this is a vital part in making caps for the game.

"Once you're ready you'll want to head to Sanctuary as it's the best settlement for this method. The plan is to generate tons of purified water, which can then be sold at around 7 caps a piece, depending on the perks you have setup for your Fallout 4 character," Attack of the Fanboy added.

It further explained that gamers need to build industrial water purifiers on the south then build defense structures for these.

"Excess water will be stored in the Workshop station as purified water, which you'll want to grab every day or two if you're looking to maximize your cap production," the same report said.

"Fallout 4" became available last Nov. 10 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC users.

Polygon said it can now be purchased in local retailers and Microsoft stores in a number of countries like the United States, United Kingdon, Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea, among others.

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