Updated 03:34 AM EDT, Fri, May 14, 2021

Syrians With Fake Greek Passports Ask Honduras for Asylum

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Desperate Syrian refugees faked their Greek passports in hope to flee their country to enter a much safer place. The fugitives tried their luck to travel to the United States but got caught in Honduras, where they requested for asylum.

According to BBC News, the emigrants were arrested when they arrived at Toncontin airport in Tegucigalpa, the Honduras capital, where they planned to cross to U.S. last week. They arrived after the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris took place, which alarmed the American country that Islamist militants are trying to get into the foreign nation illegally.

They were all arrested after Greek diplomats find out that no one from the five Syrians are able to speak the Greek language. They have been filed for falsifying documents.

Fortunately, none from the five men had any links to militant groups as confirmed by Honduran police. However, it is quite frightening to know that they were able to cross a number of Latin American countries with forged passports.

This incident raised concerns and awareness in Latin America and their intended destination, U.S. Moreover, Reuters reported, a judge in Honduras ordered that the five Syrians should be detained until a trial takes place for falsifying documents.

A U.S. source said that the five men are aged 19 to 30 and got their fake passports in Brazil.

"The judge has ruled that they must face charges of falsification of documents and they must stay in prison," the judicial spokesperson Barbara Castillo said.

Detentions in Latin America increased within the past week after the use of doctored Greek passports were exposed. Hence, U.S. lawmakers got a little worried after the recent reports said that at least one terrorist from the Paris attack escaped to Europe and registered among migrants in Greece.

Meanwhile, Toronto Star noted an outpouring number of refugees tried to escape the Arab Republic to look for a much safer place when the Syria civil war started in 2011. Millions of Syrians, from young and old, asked for asylum to the nearest countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, where some were already accepted and live in refugee camps or tent settlements.

Some tried their luck to cross the ocean or opt for the long ride to Europe, where the migrants were mistrusted and the borders can be shut down at any moment.

"There are so many people leaving Syria now," migration expert Shaina Aber said. "It's not surprising that some are making their way around the globe the best they know how."

Watch how Italian Coast Guard rescued thousands of Syrian refugees by The Young Turks:

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