Updated 01:49 PM EST, Wed, Dec 08, 2021

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots: Score, Winner & Analysis

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The New England Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills in a 20-13 victory on Monday night.

Syracuse reported that the win kept the Super Bowl defending champions on their aim to have a second perfect regular season.

It noted that Tom Brady was able to complete 20 of 39 passes for 277 yards while James White made a 6-years-run during the third quarter to give his team a 10-0 lead.

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated said that during the match, Brady was even able to "take a dig" at the Bills coach when he shouted "Rex Ryan, Rex Ryan!"

When asked about the gesture, the same report said that the quarterback only managed to smile.

''We have a lot of unusual terms. 'I think we run the gamut. So we've got to get creative and think of different things. That one is pretty unique," Brady explained.

For his part, Ryan said that Brady just likes him and that he is aware of it.

Monday night's game was also marred with mistakes, penalties, injuries and turnovers, as per Sports Illustrated. It added that these also included two fumbles and a single punt when Patriots' Stephen Gostkowski missed a field goal. But the "inadvertent whistle" was something that made a mark during the game.

ESPN even tagged this as a "bizarre NFL officiating controversy." It said that the live play was halted when an inadvertent whistle went off during the third quarter.

It reportedly occurred during the time when Brady made a pass to receiver Danny Amendola.

"A whistle was clearly audible on the ESPN broadcast as the ball was in the air. Amendola made the catch at the Bills' 45-yard line, at which point officials stopped the play," noted ESPN.

NFL's vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said that the line judge just lost track of the football and blew his whistle unintentionally.

"It was a mistake. Whistle shouldn't have been blown," he added.

Blandino also said that he wondered how the whistle could have been blown during the situation but he still congratulated the referees for their good job "in handling where they were going to put the football because both teams are affected by the whistle blowing."

Even the players of the game found the entire game odd. Bills running back LeSean McCoy, who ran 20 times for 82 yards and made a 27-yard touchdown, said ''That's one of the craziest I've ever seen."

With this recent win, a separate ESPN report said that the Patriots now a have a chance to widen their lead in the AFC East.

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