Updated 05:50 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

World Cup Qualifier: Canada vs El Salvador Match Recap & Results

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The game between Canada and El Salvador on Tuesday at the Estadio Cuscatlán ended in a scoreless draw. According to Goal.com, Canada had a great chance of winning the match but they ended up settling for a draw.

Despite the game's result, Canada has a good position in Group A of the World Cup qualifying games with four points - two points behind Mexico, three points ahead of El Salvador and four points ahead of Honduras. But Canadian players were disappointed by Tuesday's draw.

"I'm a little bit disappointed because there were times in the game where we could have taken advantage. It was a winnable game. At the same time, they're a good team and it was a deserved draw," defender Adam Straith said in the Goal.com report.

It was also observed during the game that Canada allowed their opponents to make "dangerous" moves. Straith noted in a CBC Sports report that his team had great chances at scoring during the game but some circumstances hindered them from doing so. "If you had asked me before for four points after two games I would have taken it." 

Straith did add, however, that it is still a good thing that his team remains at a positive position in the qualifiers.

"The results have been positive, the performances were positive. We wanted to get the Canadian fan base more positive about the team. I think we did that with a good performance in Vancouver. Now with a decent away performance here I think we've achieved what we set out to," the defender said.

Meanwhile, Canada's team captain, Julian de Guzman, told CBC Sports that for some of the players in their team, playing in these kinds of conditions is a new experience. "They've never experienced anything like this before. It's an eye-opener," he commented.

For his part, Canada's head coach, Benito Floro, was also disappointed with how the game played out. "I'm not happy with the chances our opponent created against us so we can say that we need to continue fighting a lot because we need to fix simple mistakes," he added. However, Floro did note that the team was still able to deliver a good performance for the match.

According to Toronto Sun, the Canadians are looking forward to their next set of games in March with the potential of facing Mexico. "Mexico is a very good team, but Canada is going to prepare for the games and I am sure the players are going to play well and be convinced of victory and I think we can win game," Floro said.

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