Updated 12:34 AM EST, Sun, Mar 07, 2021

Nintendo NX Release Date, Specs & News: Next Gen Console Marked a Failure Before Launch? [Rumors]

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Rumors have been circulating all over the internet that Nintendo's next gen console, the Nintendo NX is doomed before it is even released. The Nintendo NX will reportedly be launched without third-party support.

A report with Nintendo Insider said that Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said that Nintendo NX will be doomed before it is even launched without third-party support. Pachter warned that the upcoming console might meet the same fate as the Wii U, which saw third party supporters pulling out of the system and even shelving games.

"If Nintendo gets the same level of support for NX that it got for the Wii U, it's doomed before it launches," said Pachter of the fate of the upcoming console.

"That's much, much more important than the price. If they get third-party support, if they make it in such a way that everyone can port every game over and the incremental cost to make if for Xbox One, PS4 and NX is $1-2 million, every game will be there" he added.

While there are rumors spreading that the Nintendo NX could outperform its rivals, the lack of support from third party supporters could very much spell its downfall. Gaming consoles, such as Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 have credited a number of the success of their gaming console sales on third-party supporters.

"Don't know what they are going to do, don't know when the NX will come, [don't] really know what Nintendo's got planned - we don't know many details. I am sure we are going to see something on the NX next year, [but] I'm not sure when it's launching. When I hear more, I reserve the right to change my mind about exactly what things are going to do and how well they'll sell." Pachter said. 

An earlier report with Design & Trend said that the Nintendo NX will wipe out the rest of the competition with its superior specs and design. The website reports that the Nintendo NX's specs are based on "impressive hardware" that will reportedly be "incredibly powerful and quite possibly faster than whatever Sony or Microsoft has in stores." It is reported that the upcoming console will be making use of "industry leading chips" for its hardware. The upcoming Nintendo NX already poses to be a formidable opponent to rival Sony and Microsoft. 

As of now, it is speculated that the Nintendo NX wil be released next year, but there are no official reports with Nintendo to support these rumors.


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