Updated 03:05 AM EDT, Thu, Oct 28, 2021

Porsche Blames Paul Walker For His Death in High Speed Car Crash

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German automobile manufacturer Porsche has put the blame on Paul Walker on his own death, claiming that the actor knew the conditions of his ride prior to the fatal crash last Nov. 30, 2013.

An initial TMZ report indicated that Porsche is claiming that the death of "Fast and Furious" star was his own fault.

In a response to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Walker's daughter, Meadow, the auto manufacturer claimed that the actor was "a knowledgeable and sophisticated user of the 2005 Carrera GT."

It was added in the same report that Porsche did not elaborate on the statement but hinted that the deceased Hollywood star had the option not to join the race, with him being fully aware of its conditions.

New York Daily News added that Porsche indicated in their filing that the actor was fully aware of the risks.

"He chose to conduct himself in a manner so as to expose himself to such perils, dangers and risks, thus assuming all the risks involved in using the vehicle," read part of the car manufacturer's response.

The company added that the vehicle was in a great state when it was first sold.

"The subject 2005 Carrera GT was abused and altered after having been placed into the stream of commerce in a manner that was not reasonably foreseeable to (Porsche)," the company's filing added.

It noted that the Carrera was "misused and improperly maintained" thus leading to that fateful day when Walker's life was claimed by the car accident.

According to The Guardian, the statements of the company contradict the claim of Walker's daughter that Porsche knew that the model had a "history of instability and control issues."

Meadow also reportedly questioned the 90mph speed of the Carrera GT saying that it was only clocked at 71mph.

Walker, who was 40 at the time, died with car driver Roger Rodas, who lost control of the vehicle causing it to hit a couple of trees and a concrete lamppost.

In response to Porsche's filing, a representative of Meadow said it saddens them to know that the company is trying to escape responsibility for the incident.

"The facts are clear: Paul was the passenger in a car that was not designed to protect its occupants, in a crash on a dry, empty straightaway in broad daylight and at speeds well below the vehicle's advertised capabilities," added the representative.

Walker's camp also asserted that had the Carrera GT been designed with the proper safety features, the actor would have survived the crash.

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