Updated 03:41 AM EDT, Thu, Oct 28, 2021

Argentina vs Brazil: Neymar's Return Means Trouble for Argentina?

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Barcelona superstar Neymar is finally backed from his suspension for the high caliber 2018 World Cup qualifier on Thursday. The 23-year-old footballer perfectly knew how to win over Argentina as he led Dunga's counter-attack while playing for Brazil.

Unfortunately, the injured captain Lionel Messi still didn't make it to the game and the governing body just got one point and no goals in two matches at the River Plate stadium [2359 GMT].

According to Reuters, "Coach Gerardo Martino's injury-hit side must show a marked improvement to stop Neymar translating his form for Barcelona in his club mate Messi's absence on to the Monumental pitch."

In just half an hour of the game, Sergio Aguero got injured and Argentina scored 2-0 at home by Ecuador. He also failed to break down Paraguay in Asuncion with 0-0 draw. The father-of-one can be partnered in attack with the 33-year-old Kaka and together they led the 3-1 win against Argentina that made them qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

"Argentina hasn't won a game yet so they have an extra motivation to beat Brazil," Kaka told BBC. "We know how difficult it is to go there and get a result, but we can win. We went there in 2009 and won - I can remember the party we had at the end of that match."

Meanwhile, Daily Mail reported, Brazil coach Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri or also known as Dunga said that Neymar is currently the best player in the world. The claim followed his form for Barcelona, which included his recent win against Villarreal that benefitted them to continue their undefeated run to seven games.

"If we look at the ranking by numbers and statistics, Neymar is superior right now," Dunga said. "Neymar has improved consistently since he arrived at Barcelona (in 2013). He has done all that was expected of him with Messi out. He's in great form."

Dunga assumed that Argentina will make it as World Cup finalist on the next game on Friday at Buenos Aires. Additionally, Brazil believed that the key in bringing their club into the match is Neymar.

"[Neymar] is filled with confidence right now. We have to help him do what he's doing there [at Barcelona]. It's great to have him back," Brazil's Elias said.

Watch Neymar's impressive won by LaLiga:

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