Updated 07:06 AM EST, Mon, Nov 29, 2021

Baseball News: Cardinals' Lance Lynn Undergoes Tommy John Surgery, To Miss 2016 Season

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St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Lance Lynn will be out for the entire next season after undergoing a Tommy John surgery.

ESPN said the 28-year-old MLB player had a surprise surgery on Tuesday for his "torn ulnar collateral ligament." The said procedure transposed his ulnar nerve and removed bone chips.

Lynn reportedly missed some games last June because of a strain on his forearm.

According to Chicago Now, the Cardinals may have a hard time replacing a good player like Lynn. It added that potential substitute Adam Wainwright is also recovering from an injury while Alex Reyes is serving a 50-game suspension due to a positive drug test.

"We shouldn't rejoice too gleefully as the injury could have unintended consequences in the Cubs own pursuit of pitching. While the Cardinals have never pursued high ticket pitchers and have been successful under that philosophy, circumstances may change things," added the same report.

Yahoo Sports said Lynn is a great player during their matches throwing back-to-back 200 inning seasons last 2013 and 2014. His production became lower this year because of a number of injuries.

It noted that his forearm strain last June was already a sign that he would need an elbow surgery.

With Lynn's absence, Yahoo Sports said the team will surely look for a player who can help them with their pitching. This could include Michael Wacha and Jaime Garcia, who are both healthy as of the moment.

Meanwhile, CBS Sports noted that another option for the team is to re-sign or replace John Lackey to help them improve their performance especially that he was able to contribute 218 innings with a 143 ERA+ this year.

On the other hand, Sports Illustrated said that lefthander Tyler Lyons is another worthy candidate to replace Lynn since he was able to earn a 3.75 ERA in 60 innings last season. Lyons was also able to start for eight games and had nine relief appearances this year.

But the team is expected not to lose hope as this is the best time for Lynn to have his surgery.

"First and foremost, he's now guaranteed a full 15-month rehab before spring training 2017. There won't be any temptation to rush him back in 12 or 13 months," added CBS Sports.

He may not be able to participate for next year's games but a healthier player is expected to come back the year after.

For their game next year, the Cardinals are expected to go head to head with the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 4.


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