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Nadine Heredia Money Laundering Investigation Update: First Lady Refuses Scheduled Handwriting Test

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Nadine Heredia Alarcon, the wife of Peruvian president Ollanta Humala, has refused to provide handwritten evidence to prosecutors after being accused of money laundering. Her actions have caused an outburst in the Congressional Committee when the First Lady refused to speak.

According to Peru This Week, Heredia asked for permission to leave until the noise died down.The First Lady kept her word and returned when the issued died down a bit. Following her return, Heredia stated that she would only declare before the Prosecutor. The publication fruther states that Heredia is being put under investigation by Money Laundering Prosecutor, Germán Juárez.

The First Lady's case involves money laundering and four journals, which are currently under Juarez's possession. The journals contain information that disclose that Heredia might have received large sums of money when Ollanta Humala, ran for President back in 2011.

Heredia's attorney, Eduardo Roy Gates, informed the publication that the First Lady is currently under investigation by the Public Prosecutor's office and that the congressional committee was deemed unnecessary. Gates also announced that Heredia wil not be providing a handwritten sample to the Prosecutor despite being scheduled to do so as per an earlier report. The writing exam was supposed to be scheduled for today and it was meant to determine whether or not Heredia authored the four journals.

Should the handwriting investigation have pushed through, Heredia would have been questioned about her involvement in the alleged deposits to individual accounts with nicknames that were written in the journals. Heredia was initially required to undergo a handwriting test and her submit writing samples to the prosecutor. The journals also contained some personal information about her and her husband.

An earlier report with DW.com said that the funds, amounting to $215,000 were allegedly used to fund Ollanta's presidential campaign back in 2011. The website reported that Humala was also accused of receiving funds from President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for his 2006 campaign. Back in September, President Humala had denied having receiving $400,000 in unexplained income from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

"I have come to fulfill this statement I have said, repeatedly, that the documents submitted today, such as journals, notebooks and the content of the journals and notebooks are not my property," said Heredia in a statement to Prosecutor Juarez.

The President's popularity rating among Peruvians has dropped to 13 percent because of the allegations against his wife.

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