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Peru Elections 2016: Who Will Be the Next President?

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With Peru's presidential elections being set for April 2016, many Peruvians cannot help but ask the question as to who will be the next President of Peru. President Ollanta Humala, who was elected in 2011 received a dismal 17% in his approval ratings.

According to The Street, an incumbent party member has never won the elections thus far. With the emerging market being as it is, a call for change has been the outcry of many a Peruvian voter. Who are the Peruvian presidential candidates, and what of the platforms they represent?

1. Keiko Fujimori is currently a crowd favorite and is as of the moment, leading the polls. Fujimori is the daughter of former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori who served as First Lady when her parents divorced in 1994. The 40-year old has led the construction of several orphanages across Peru and has also helmed the construction of the first pediatric cardiovascular intensive care unit in the country. She is also the leader of the conservative party, Fuerza Popular.

2. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is a second placer in the national polls. Better known as PPK, the Peruvian public administrator is also an economist and was Prime Minister in Peru from 2005 to 2006. He founded Agua Limpia, a non-governmental organization that works to provide clean drinking water systems to different communities in Peru.

3. Milton von Hesse is the Peruvian National Party's presidential candidate. In a report with Peru Reports, Hesse became the National Party's presidential former interior minister Daniel Urresti stepped down from his presidential bid in favor of the less politically known Hesse.

"The President of the Republic called on me and I told him I accept the challenge. And as I am a man of only one shirt, I joined the ruling party," Milton said in a prior interview regarding his presidential candidacy.

4. Alejandro Toledo has advocated for free internet for everyone and says that he wants to increase the wages of all teachers. He was the former president of Peru from 2001 to 2006. Born into an impoverished family, he was the eighth child among sixteen siblings. He also vows to lead a fight against poverty and wage war on corruption. The former president of Peru also advocates higher pensions and promises more employment, as well as military reform.

All candidates prove strong in their political campaign towards Peru's moving forward as a nation. As of the moment, it remains to be seen which one of these presidential hopefuls will remain victorious.

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