Updated 04:27 AM EST, Tue, Nov 30, 2021

Donald Trump & Ben Carson To Get Taxpayer-Paid Secret Service Protection, FHD Confirms

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Donald Trump and Ben Carson's request for protection has been approved, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson approved the requests, which were submitted by the candidates' campaign last month, making them the first for the 2016 Rebublican presidential candidates to receive such protection. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, with her status as former First Lady, has already had her own security detail.

Department spokeswoman Marsha Catron told CNN, "As prescribed by statute, authorization for Secret Service protection for presidential candidates is determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security after consultation with a congressional advisory committee composed of the speaker of the House, the House minority leader, the Senate majority leader, the Senate minority leader, and an additional member selected by the committee." Johnson was able to approve the request after consulting with the advisory committee, and after looking through factors about the candidates, including their poll standing, contributions received and their threat environment.

This sort of protection from homeland security is not new. According to The Washington Post, nominated candidates from both parties have been getting Secret Service protection after Robert Kennedy's assassination in 1968, but the process has been re-established in 2008, in the wake of threats against then-candidate Senator Barack Obama.

The decision to provide candidates with their security details comes entirely at the secretary's discretion, after he hears the congressional advisory panel.

CBS New York noted that the decision granting Trump and Carson their taxpayer-paid Secret Service Protection comes on the heels of the latest Quinnipiac University GOP Presidential Poll, which came out on Wednesday to show a virtual tie between the two candidates. According to the said poll, Trump is leading with 24% support, while Carson comes close behind with 23%.

A source for Newsmax also noted that the threats for Carson increased after he made comments about believing that Muslims should not be president. Carson himself believes he's a target, and said that he would accept the protection. "I don't feel the need for it, quite frankly, but the Secret Service thinks that I need it. So, you know, it is what it is," he said.

"I recognize that someone like me who is very truthful and who really doesn't subscribe to all the traditional power structures is probably gonna be a target," he added.

As for Trump, Business Insider stated that the billionaire's campaign finance filing noted that he has been spending tens and thousands of dollars a month on security and it has always been rare to see him without his own bodyguards in public. That said, he said that he sometimes carries a concealed handgun on his person, as well.

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