Updated 02:18 AM EDT, Sat, Sep 25, 2021

MacBook Air 2016 vs MacBook Pro 2016: Release Date Earlier Than Expected? Price, Specs & Features Here [Rumors]

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Apple's new line of MacBook made it to the headlines of several tech outlets after one particular site reportedly found "first signs" of a new MacBook in a model identifier in El Capitan.

Pike Universum has suddenly become a popular site especially after claiming that it saw a Mac code AAPLJ951 in El Capitan which is an indication that the announcement of the new devices are just around the corner.

"Apple may surprise us, soon, with a brand new and very powerful MacPro7,1 with a couple of new Intel Xeon processors," the post began.

It continued explaining what sort of sign it found that backs such assumption.

"The data is identical to that of the late 2015 (iMac17,1 in the same file) so it may as well be a remnant of the new iMac, but the strange thing is that the XHCI data for the late 2015 iMac is also there, which is why I believe that this is not/was not added for the/a new iMac but another Mac," it explained.

The site also pointed out that there are "too many USB 3 ports" for the device to be either an existing MacBook Pro or MacBook Mini and that support for newer graphics chips are already "baked" into the El Capitan.

After the article, however, Pike Universum added a rightful disclaimer that says "only Apple knows if a new Mac Pro is around the corner or not."

Either way, the rumor mill has been fired up with the revelation with some outlets like the Australia News Network assuming that the findings mean the new MacBook Pro would be released this coming December as a "surprise" for MacBook users.

Of course, some remain skeptical about this.

Yibada particularly noted that the fact that the iPad Pro, Apple's biggest tablet to date, would be released soon which makes launching a competing product a bad move for the company.

"MacBook Air and Pro 2016 release date is reportedly pushed back early next year as Apple Macs prices in key markets spiked resulting to a decrease in sales," the report read.

Furthermore, the upcoming new MacBook Air would be powered by a Intel Skylake-U chipset matched with the El Capitan, according to the Australia News Network.

It is also rumored to sport a sleeker look compared to the MacBook Air and would feature a Type-C USB port.

Other key upgrade rumors cited is the enhanced battery life as well as the Force Touch technology.

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