Updated 08:34 AM EDT, Fri, May 14, 2021

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Dating?, Gavin Rossdale ‘Disgusted’ [Rumors]

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Fans of the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert tandem mourned their divorce. So did fans of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani when they too, decided to split. But it seems that from broken relationships come new ones and for "The Voice" judges Shelton and Stefani, their jobs opened up to their new romance.

Shelton and Stefani have been subject to scrutiny with their Halloween celebrations, where an insider told People that the duo have been "flirty" and "have drawn support from each other" following their breakups.

They finally admitted that they're dating, though, as confirmed by Shelton's representative, Wes Vause, on USA Today. Not that they are ready to admit it themselves. When Stefani was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest regarding the rumors, the "No Doubt" singer said slyly, "I'm not going to answer that right now, Ryan. I think I've given enough of myself this morning to you. But I think he's hot, don't you?"

While it's a "The Voice" romance, Stefani's former husband Gavin Rossdale is vocal about his opinion regarding the new couple. After seeing a photo of them getting close, the rocker said that Stefani's "infatuation" with Shelton is "unbecoming".

He shared with Radar Online, "It's unflattering for a 46-year-old mother of three," adding that he's "disgusted that Gwen is acting like a lovestruck teenager."

However, a source shared that his distaste for the new couple may be due to envy, saying that "There is a lot of jealousy that Gwen has moved on so quickly, and Gavin is very insecure about his career as a musician too. Having his wife get involved with a huge star like Blake is certainly a blow to Gavin's ego."

Rossdale isn't the only one who's unhappy about it, either. As per a Hollywood Life source, Miranda Lambert isn't too happy about the blossoming romance between her former husband and his co-judge. "How could she [Lambert] not be just a tad bit jealous? Gwen is absolutely gorgeous and Blake appears to be completely smitten with her," the source shared.

The source went on, "Miranda could tell by watching them on [The Voice] that they had a certain chemistry... but she never knew it would develop into such a close relationship so fast," the source added.

What do you think about the blossoming romance between Blake and Gwen, do you think this will last, or are they each other's rebound, considering how fast they moved on from their long-term marriages?

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