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Halo 5 News: Exec Claims Game is Coming on Facebook, But Microsoft Dismisses Statement

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A post by one of Microsoft's Facebook pages sent Halo fans into hysterics when it confirmed that the next Halo game that was shown at E3 2013 was Halo 5, only for Microsoft to later recant the post and leave the game's status as a mystery for gamers.

Gamespot is reporting that the Xbox Australia Facebook page, in a new entry of a series of posts that list why people should buy an Xbox One in 2014, stated that the Halo game shown briefly as a teaser trailer during E3 2013 is indeed Halo 5 and not a spinoff title:

"Reason #14 - The Prometheans and Covenant just won't give John-117 a break! Master Chief returns for the thrilling continuation of the Reclaimer Saga in Halo 5."

Naturally this excited many fans, as Microsoft has been very mysterious concerning the newest Halo game, as the trailer only had "Halo 2014" as the title and the actual footage did not reveal much either. But this excitement did not last long, as Microsoft later sent a message revealing that the original Facebook post was made in error, and the company is once again refusing to clarify if the 2014 Halo title is Halo 5:

"This post was made in error, and we will be updating it shortly. We have made no announcements regarding the name of Halo on Xbox One. As we have stated previously, the award-winning franchise continues on Xbox One, beginning in 2014. We have no further details to share at this time."

This continues Microsoft trend of being purposefully vague about the newest Halo title and what fans can expect from the game. While former Xbox executive Don Mattrick referred to the game as Halo 5, he is the only one to do so, and Microsoft has not released any solid details about the game since the initial teaser trailer was launched. There is always the possibility that this new Halo game is a spinoff meant to hold gamers over until Halo 5, as Microsoft has previously stated that Halo 4 through 6 have been confirmed as part of a new trilogy of games. Perhaps the new Halo title will explore Master Chief's past, or the new game could take the perspective of a different character who fights along the main hero of the Halo series.

In any case, the new Halo title is one of the games to look out for in 2014 and fans should look out for details about the game right here.

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