Updated 02:02 PM EST, Wed, Dec 08, 2021

Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys: WR Ricardo Lockette Carted Off Due to Concussion in Game Versus Dallas Cowboys

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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette had to be carted off during Sunday night's game versus the Dallas Cowboys after he suffered a concussion.

CBS Sports said Lockette's injury looked scary after he was blocked by Cowboys safety Jeff Heath during the first half of the match.

"It is fairly clear from the video of the play that Lockette was already knocked out cold while he was still in the air," added the same report.

It was also noted that when the wide receiver fell to the ground, he remained in his exact position even when a medical team arrived to take him to the nearest hospital as his team claimed a 13-12 win.

The Seahawks website indicated that when Lockette was carted off the AT&T Stadium, he still managed to raise his fists and make an "L" sign with his right hand. This reportedly meant his signal for "Legion of Boom" and "Love Our Brothers."

It was later on announced during the game that wide receiver suffered a concussion but it was assured that he can still move all his extremities.

"He'll stay here overnight," said Seattle coach Pete Carroll referring to a local hospital where Lockette was taken.

Caroll noted that his player still need to undergo some tests after the injury.

"He was clearing for the concussion stuff in terms of scans and stuff, but they've got some other tests to do here. We'll figure it out. He had a sore neck and we'll figure out what that all means, but we're grateful that he was able to bounce out from that and be pretty positive about it right now as we hear from him," the coach added in its website.

Though they are already hoping for the best from Lockette, Caroll admitted that the scare was an emotional one for the wide receiver and for the team, as well.

"What stood out the most was the love that was coming from his teammates. It was so obvious that they were so emotional about it. He's a great kid and he's been with us a long time and everybody loves the heck out of him. He's down there cheering them on while he's all curled up and all," he added.

Meanwhile, a video surfaced later on showing Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant shouting "That's what the f- he gets!" while he pointed at the Seahawks players.

However, NESN noted that Bryant denied addressing the remark to Lockette.

"It didn't have nothing to do with (Lockette). I swear on my daughter's soul I would never in my life do that to anybody. I could've been talking about something completely ... I'm too busy trying to break it up, trying to get our players back. I'm telling Richard (Sherman) and Earl (Thomas) y'all get your players back. I'm talking to the officials more than anybody," explained Bryant in the NESN report.

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